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Services - Trademark Infringements

Do you sell a high quality product or service? Is that product marketed under a well known brand? If so, trademarks investigation services specialized in brand protection and the investigation of those who borrow your brand.

We advocate a strategic approach to counterfeiting issues and trademark infringements. Thorough investigation and a detailed knowledge of local enforcement policies and organizations are essential to achieving success.

Our early experience in the development and management of anti-counterfeit program, particularly in difficult jurisdictions, led us to appreciate the essential role played by reliable information and investigation services.

We established a specialist in house merchandise investigation capability very early on and we now have a global network of experienced specialist merchandise investigator who work together to track counterfeit product. Combined with enforcement action it is recommended that a proactive monitoring program be established of both e-commerce and traditional markets. This combines monitoring of market surveys and product intelligence on a global basis.

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